Get a live weather icon just like calendar app with WeatherIcon

It’s not constantly 73°. Have you ever before preferred that your iDevice’s weather icon would certainly show real-time temperature like your calendar application? Well with the WeatherIcon tweak, it can. This tweak delivers a lot of things to your stock Weather application.

WeatherIcon is among those tweaks that are simply excellent. It incorporates the real-time temp right to the icon, as well as modifications assign reported by the true climate! Presently, it is evening time, cloudy, 34°, as well as I recognize this since of WeatherIcon. In this case the icon is a dark indigo to represent the evening, with a cloud as well as underneath reviews the temp. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest tweaks in Cydia. To include in its awesomeness, you may also have the climate as well as climate icon showed in the status bar. Just what’s also more desirable is that this tweak is absolutely cost-free!

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