Icons on LockScreen with IconsLock jailbreak tweak

I recently discovered this one-of-a-kind jailbreak tweak on Cydia.  It’s called “IconsLock” developed by M_Vincent_M.  IconsLock jailbreak tweak reveals the Respring/Turn Off/Reboot/Safe Mode utilizing 4 buttons on our lock screen.

One of our concerns (assuming we are jailbreakers) when it comes to installation of bundles as well as applications is the respring or reboot of the iOS gadget for the modifications to work. There are numerous tweaks that you can obtainable on Cydia to access these buttons for your ease. Also MultiBoot jailbreak tweak has functions quite similarly with IconsLock. Nevertheless, with IconsLock, it is included on the lock screen rather than the stand-alone symbol on Settings screen.  In all its simplicity, you can easily access the Respring/Turn Off/Reboot/Safe Mode buttons quickly if you experience lags and collapses or after installing a tweak from Cydia. It brings appearances to your lock screen, and if you don’t mind having actually 4 buttons squeezed on the upper edge, you should give it a try. The buttons blend to the lock screen’s user interface. If you’re familiar with LockSpring, the tweak includes the respring button simply with an odd or ought to I point out, “absurd” button style. To install IconsLock tweak, head to Cydia and tap on search in “IconsLock” and now you can install it. Respring your iDevice and configure the tweak on Configurations application. Toggle on and also respring once more as well as view precisely how it works. IconsLock jailbreak tweak is FREE by means of Cydia from BigBoss repository, and also it needs iOS 5 + firmware.

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