10 Steps to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Bluestacks.

If you find yourself among people who are interested in a WhatsApp PC free download for Windows, do not worry as the process is extremely simple and all you have to do is follow 10 simple steps correctly.

Once the app is installed on your computer, you must know that it functions as easy as a mobile app, having the same features. The good thing is that using a computer appears to be easier than a small mobile device.


So, here is everything you have to do in order to be able to communicate with your friends and family who have already installed this app:

Step 1: In order to be able to download an instant messaging app you must first make your computer function as an Android and for that you need an Android emulator. Therefore, download BlueStacks  a windows application that can be downloaded free of charge and that will enable you to easily download and use the instant messaging service.

Step 2: Once the Android emulator has been downloaded, you must install the software, and you can do that by clicking the install BlueStack button.

Step 3: As soon as Bluestacks has been installed, the next step is to search for WhatsApp and download it.

Step 4: Now the instant texting app has been downloaded, and in order to install it you should double click on the downloaded file.

Step 5: When the messaging app finished installing, you are supposed to open BlueStacks icon in your Desktop in order to open it.

Step 6: While you are in BlueStacks, all you have to do is go to My Apps, and just click on WhatsApp.

Step 7: Now, that you are almost done with installing the texting app you should accept the terms and conditions, and you are close to being ready to use WhatsApp on PC.

Step 8: This step is all about typing your phone number, but not without being aware of the fact that in case you are already using this messaging service on your Smartphone, you need a different phone number, as it can be used only once.

Step 9: Once you typed the phone number you must get a verification code and you are almost done.

Step 10: When you received the code through a text message you must type it in the verification field and you are definitely finished! WhatsApp for PC is now installed and you can begin using it, but not before importing your contacts, an action that must be done manually, unlike it is made on a mobile device.

And this is all you have to do. As stated above, the process is simple. After these 10 steps were completed you can create a profile, update your status and begin chatting with your friends, sending them images and even videos.

IOS Versus. Android.

7Talking about iOS and Android, many of us are comfortable with them. However, comparing both of these programs, what is the connection between the consumer behavior and energetic products? Will there be any distinction between them both? Now, we’ll assess the information concerning the reveal of both methods and consumer attributes. Via the straightforward assessment, we may draw some fascinating findings.

1. In Android & iOS systems, 2 from every 5 active mobile phones fit in with iPhone.

Based on study data involving the shares both for iOS and Android productive products, iOS uses up 43.5% in the marketplace, while Android consumes 56.5%. Knowing from brands, Samsung rates in the very best in Android marketplace, however it shares is merely two fifths of Apple’s. 2 out of every 5 active cell phones fit in with iPhone, if, among Android cell phones, one out of every 4 is Samsung, then by plus Android & iOS systems.

However, Samsung, Android ‘s superb giant, and Apple, the sole one representative of iOS, have created an excessive amount of disputes on their products to advertising strategy, to even patent intrusion. Each of the two eventually become a focus within the entire business. When several customers are discussing Samsung Universe Notice 10.1, the others are speaking over iPhone 5.

2. When choosing tablet PCs, person are inclined to pick iPad.

The reversal of tablet PCs reveal becomes yet another focus. Within a broad study of the previous year, it appears that Android tablets and iOS tablets (iPad) are leading two distinct ways: in June, 2011, iPad protected 17% in iOS productive products, and it its discussed elevated by 19.2% in the 2nd quarter of 2012; in the 3rd quarter of 2011, Android accounted for 7.4%, but fell to 3.5% within the 2nd quarter of 2012. Even though Android products are on the increase as well as the loss of its own share does not represent its actual decline of absolute number, in the aforementioned information, we could observe that customers are on the inclination to pick iPad while purchasing pills.

14Android pills come in an awkward predicament because of their typical user-experience and lowered apparatus. The products are really pricey, equivalent to iPad, however, their Apps aren’t loaded as iPad. Towards the good aspect, the reveal for Android 4.0 mobile phones and pills is growing. With Yahoo launching its Nexus seven, striving to create a new Android desk encounter to customers, we nevertheless think that Android pills possess the possibility to be created.

The Gemini, iOS and Android, both perform an essential part in the present cell-phone and tablet PC markets, whose potential development are expected. Both programs all have their particular lighting, and several parties, including suppliers, operators and programmers, are making great attempt apply their capabilities. We’re anticipating more shocks that both Android and iOS can make later on.

Get a live weather icon just like calendar app with WeatherIcon

It’s not constantly 73°. Have you ever before preferred that your iDevice’s weather icon would certainly show real-time temperature like your calendar application? Well with the WeatherIcon tweak, it can. This tweak delivers a lot of things to your stock Weather application.

WeatherIcon is among those tweaks that are simply excellent. It incorporates the real-time temp right to the icon, as well as modifications assign reported by the true climate! Presently, it is evening time, cloudy, 34°, as well as I recognize this since of WeatherIcon. In this case the icon is a dark indigo to represent the evening, with a cloud as well as underneath reviews the temp. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest tweaks in Cydia. To include in its awesomeness, you may also have the climate as well as climate icon showed in the status bar. Just what’s also more desirable is that this tweak is absolutely cost-free!

Icons on LockScreen with IconsLock jailbreak tweak

I recently discovered this one-of-a-kind jailbreak tweak on Cydia.  It’s called “IconsLock” developed by M_Vincent_M.  IconsLock jailbreak tweak reveals the Respring/Turn Off/Reboot/Safe Mode utilizing 4 buttons on our lock screen.

One of our concerns (assuming we are jailbreakers) when it comes to installation of bundles as well as applications is the respring or reboot of the iOS gadget for the modifications to work. There are numerous tweaks that you can obtainable on Cydia to access these buttons for your ease. Also MultiBoot jailbreak tweak has functions quite similarly with IconsLock. Nevertheless, with IconsLock, it is included on the lock screen rather than the stand-alone symbol on Settings screen.  In all its simplicity, you can easily access the Respring/Turn Off/Reboot/Safe Mode buttons quickly if you experience lags and collapses or after installing a tweak from Cydia. It brings appearances to your lock screen, and if you don’t mind having actually 4 buttons squeezed on the upper edge, you should give it a try. The buttons blend to the lock screen’s user interface. If you’re familiar with LockSpring, the tweak includes the respring button simply with an odd or ought to I point out, “absurd” button style. To install IconsLock tweak, head to Cydia and tap on search in “IconsLock” and now you can install it. Respring your iDevice and configure the tweak on Configurations application. Toggle on and also respring once more as well as view precisely how it works. IconsLock jailbreak tweak is FREE by means of Cydia from BigBoss repository, and also it needs iOS 5 + firmware.

How to install Cydia

To install Cydia you have to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad. There are lots of ways for you to jailbreak, depending on which device you possess and what version of iOS you have actually installed. Most especially, you can easily use blackra1n, redsn0w, PwnageTool, Spirit jailbreak, jailbreakme 2.0, as well as QuickPwn.

If you already have Installer. app on your device, you simply need to add http://apptapp.saurik.com/ as a source to Installer and install “Cydia” from the “System” classification. Generally if you upgrade your iOS to the latest variation from Apple, it will unjailbreak your device and you want be able to install Cydia anymore. Jailbreak designers typically support point’s one release behind the active iOS model. There are many ways to learn how to install Cydia relying on what iOS variation you have.